Pay and Bonuses

  • This page goes over the pay and bonuses you can recieve working at Borst Detasseling.

  • Pay: Weekly paychecks will show only the base rate for each employee. Any bonuses or additional wage increases will be paid at the end of the season. Pay periods run from Monday through Sunday and paychecks are mailed out the following Friday. Base rate is $8.00 dollars an hour for new employees.

  • Bonuses:

  • Performance: Workers who complete the season may receive up to $1/hr. additional pay based on attendance, performance and overall attitude. Those who quit or were let go during the season will receive only the base rate.

  • Attendance:
  • $100 bonus for workers who complete all morning shifts
  • $50 bonus for workers who miss only one morning shift.

  • End of Season Party: Employees finishing the season who missed two days or less will be invited to a party at the end of the season!

  • *all bonuses are based upon a 14 day season. Workers must work a minimum of 50 hours to qualify for any bonuses. If the season happens to be shorter than 50 hours, bonuses will not be given (This is rare).

  • Pay Rates
  • 1st year: $8/hr
  • 2nd year: $9/hr
  • 3rd year: $10/hr
  • 4th year: $11/hr
  • 5th year or higher: $12/hr
  • Tractor Driver: $12/hr (must be 18 years old)
  • Supervisors: $15/hr (experience required)
  • Bus Driver: $13-15/hr (CDL class B with air brakes required, must be 21 years old)

  • All travel time will be paid at $7.25/hr when working for Pioneer.

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We will start taking applications on April 1st. Thanks for checking out our website. EAT - SLEEP - BREATH - DETASSEL. We don't want easy - we want CRAZY! Jeff

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